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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mets 3 Phillies 5

Due to my need for gainful employment, I did not listen to today’s loss to Philadelphia. I did hear the 6th through 9th in my truck via XM radio.

First off, I live in Texas and while I know who Mike and the Mad Dog are, I don’t listen on a daily basis. I would like to ask a question of readers who do;

“Do these guys even like the Mets?”

I only listen to FAN when the games are on via XM. Why, even for charity are these guys even allowed on the Mets flagship. I could hear in their tones and voices that they were hoping for a loss.

In the DFW area we have 1310 The Ticket. The self proclaimed “keepers of the great game” The Hardline (3:00-7:00 Monday – Friday) are the most baseball intense hosts in a football market. They cover 50% sports and 50% everything else entertaining. The point I am laboring to make while simultaneously boring my audience is if you let those two, Greggo and Rhines, broadcast a Ranger game, you would admittedly get 9 innings of shameless cheerleading.

My second question to any NY-NJ-CT area resident is; “What gives? Why on FAN?”

Oh, and how can a professional radio broadcaster be addressed as “Dog?”

Metstradamus also weighs in on Mike and the Mad Dog broadcast and has an interesting LoDuca theory.

On to the game, Jose Reyes is hot. He missed the cycle by only a triple. I had really been impressed with his new found patience at the plate. I hope he does not alter his approach due to his new found “power stroke.” The homerun Tuesday night was shoe high at best; not that I am complaining. He still is one of the most exciting athletes to watch in sports.

As, I walked back from my lunch break, I found myself thinking, “What, no extra innings?”

I hate weekday day games.

Well off to Miami, to play a depleted Marlins team in dead last place. This should be a much less dramatic series with:

Pedro Friday
Glavine Saturday
And El Duque Sunday

I can make a prediction before we head to Miami:

Mike Jacobs will hurt us.

There, mark me down on record saying that.

Lets go Fishing

See you tomorrow.


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