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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mets 4 Yankees 5 (11 innings)

That was certainly depressing. What a waste of a brilliant start. The opposite feeling from last night.

For the life of me I can’t figure bringing in your closer to protect a 4 run lead when he pitched 18 hours prior, especially with his finger in questionable shape. Wagner gets paid to get the last 3 outs and should be able to close out the game in that situation, no doubt but with Filthy Sanchez cruising through the 8th, his spot not up in the bottom half, why pull him? Not to mention both pitchers were used today giving neither a day off if needed for Sunday's game.

Sanchez is a pitcher that thrives on work; Wagner is a different story. These are the things that make me worry if Willie can handle the pen during a crucial late season run when the arms are tired.

On a personal note, I accept a portion of the blame for the blown lead. Although Wagner’s insertion into the game puzzled me, I dutifully put on my Wagner jersey to hope he closed out the game. Every time I’ve done that Wagner has either blown a save or a lead- the first series against Washington started this ugly trend. Sorry Mets fans, my bad. I immediately took my Wagner jersey to the dry cleaners and hopefully the stain of this game will be washed out of said jersey.

Sign of a real fan: When you wash your dress close in the laundry machine but you take your Mets stuff to the dry cleaners.

Before i get started on my rant, Way to go Cliffy, hope you hit many more.

I was happy to be able to view the Mets-Yankee game on the Fox station in Texas, but a few things got under my skin:

On a fly out to Floyd, they made sure to mention that Floyd had made an error in a prior inning and then that by catching the ball he took the ball from a Yankee fan.

The nerve of a left fielder making a play and not deferring to the Yankee fan. Floyd should be suspended.

But, make sure to point out the guy with the paper in the stands, nice snarky comment too- Thanks fellas!

Oh, I guess every one has been saying the 47 year olds name for the past 3 decades. Sorry about that, Julio Fronco.

While the Mets were winning, every chance to mention that the Yankees were missing Matsui, Posada and Sheffield was utilized.

“its one thing to be injured and banged up…”

Yeah, we got it; the Yankees have a few guys on the DL. They are the only ones I guess; I can’t wait to see Bannister, Zambrano, and Maine’s next starts. Maybe Padilla will get to set up the closer.

Boy, I just couldn’t choose if I liked Johnny Damon better with long hair or short, he’s so dreamy. I voted twice.

What was that nonsense one of the Fox guys was carrying on about “the best team money can buy?” He droned on for half an inning at the mystery of the Mets not being labeled as a team that purchases free agents. His partner finally mentioned that they Yankees have a payroll that is near double of what the Mets spend. What kind of Jackass can criticize Minaya for the way the club is put together?

Fox came back from commercial and made a point to show Wagner run in from right to “Enter Sandman.” {I believe it was} Judas McCarver said, “Isn’t that baseball’s form of plagiarism?” as Wagner ran in to warm up for the 9th. I don’t care about the whole Wagner-Riveria warm up song “controversy” but did they show that replay just so they could throw the extra slam at the Mets. Until that point the Mets seemed primed to win that game handily and the Fox guys just seemed like sore losers.

Finally, when Wagner was removed a batter too late, the comment was made that, “Even if the Mets win, the damage has been done. It may take Wagner 2 weeks to recover.” Did Riveria need 2 weeks after the first game? It was a bad outing where Wagner didn’t have his control. If anything I chalk it up to a day appearance following a night appearance.

Not a game that I will always remember, and a hell of a way to waste Pedro’s great performance but its only one game. To disrespectfully disagree with the Fox broadcast booth, (I say disrespectfully as that’s what Fox gave the Mets fans today; nothing but disrespect) win tomorrow and it will be smooth sailing. I would love another sweep of the Yanks but it is a long season and you can’t win them all.

If anything, the Yankee "fans" are nervous.

Tommy is up tomorrow for what should be a national game. Make sure to tune in Mets fans. You don’t want to miss ESPN's Jeter worship in Hi-Def. Maybe Tommy can finish what Pedro started.

Shut em out, shut em up.

Lets Go Mets!


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