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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Error-pants says I Love You

I love David Wright, but this is unacceptable. I am so sick of the Mets refusing to “encourage” players to go on the DL. If David Wright is hurt the best thing to do is take a day off and if he needs more time of on the DL. I appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment to the team but he should go talk to Beltran and ask him how that strategy worked out last year.

The sudden propensity for errors at key times in games is disturbing. Every athlete can make an error and I expect David Wright to make more than his share of them. If today’s error is due to injury Wright is hurting his team’s chances to win.

Since when is Armando Benitez clutch this side of the new millennium?

Armando Benitez got out of a bases loaded jam.

Yeah, it feels funny to type it too.

The most unsettling part of today’s game was obviously Bannister going down on the base pads. I watched it a couple of times on MLB.com and it is impossible to determine how bad the injury is. Bannister is vital with to the already fragile rotation but with the youngster a definite part of the future rotation a trip to the 15 day disabled list is prudent if not necessary for the long-term health of the hurler’s career.

I think it is still too early to bring up Pelfrey no matter what success he has had thus far. I don’t think Heilman should be brought out of the pen to fill the starter’s role. If I had to speculate, my best guess would be that my old nemesis Darren Oliver will get the call if Bannister has to miss time.

I think that Lonestar Met favorite Royce Ring or Heath Bell should be brought up to bolster the pen if and when Beltran, Bannister, and Wright go on the DL.

With the apparent roster moves ahead maybe Jose Valentin will be handed his unconditional release.

Jose, take your .095 average and tell your story walkin.

If the Mets want to exercise reasonable caution keeping Milledge in the minors to tune his skills that is fine by me. I really don’t see why Jeff Keppenger can’t be called up. His .273 average is not exactly burning up the league, but anything is better than Valentin and his big bag of nothing.

So that no one accuses me of not offering solutions, here is my recap.
Wright- a day or two off
Valentin-bus ticket
Keppinger-Call up
Bell or Ring (you choose)- Call up
Diaz-.167 is not exactly Mini Manny-esque but he can fill a roster spot until Beltran is ready
Chavez-pray for health

I think Woody can handle third so Wright's aches and pains can subside.

This makes the Health of Pedro, Glavine and Trachsel vital to the 06 Mets chances this season. Despite the apparent melt down, Error-pants’ throw has not been reported in most reacaps, the bullpen looks to be one of the strong suits of this club. As long as Professor Rick can piece together a fairly competent rotation and those front line pitchers can get through six the Mets chances still look fairly good. I doubt that the “rotation tweak" may go by the wayside.

Using the past as an indicator of the future Zambrano’s next start should be redeeming, and probably good enough to keep him around another few starts.

Ugly win today, but at least we came back from the west coast with 2 series wins.

Nancy, the canine Mets fan would like to give her two cents regarding today's game:

Thanks Nancy.

Day off tomorrow for Wright to “heal” and it’s toe to toe with Atlanta. Chipper is healthy and to the looks of it well rested after today’s loss the Brewers. I hope Pedro and co. and knock that smug little look off his face.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Don't Know What to Say...

Wow, that was depressing. I hate California baseball. I am too tired and disappointed to analyze tonight’s game.

Instead I will let Nancy (named after Nancy Seaver of course), Lonestar Met’s guest commentator and the biggest canine Mets fan in Texas give you an overall analysis of her thoughts on tonight's game:

Thanks Nancy, I couldn’t have said it better.

Sorry for the short post; my lifeforce has been drained, Good night.

Man, I hate California.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lonestar Met in the Big City

Well good readers I have made my pilgrimage to the baseball Mecca know as New York City. I have to say that after a 21 year absence from the big Shea it seemed like a new experience.

First off, shame on everyone, especially those who sent me scathing emails regarding my fondness for Shea stadium, who has labeled Shea a dilapidated hole that was not worthy of baseball.

Shea Stadium is a marvelous place. Shea Stadium is not in as bad shape as some would have you believe. The orange seats facing odd directions are not as uncomfortable as some would have you believe, nor is the plumbing in sad shape.

Shea Stadium is a wonderful stadium and although few will admit, will be missed in 2009.

The biggest complaint I have about Shea is that god awful Our Team, Our Time song. It hurts my ears and is obnoxious. I hope the team ditches the song and let an existing song be naturally adopted ala L.A. Woman.

I liked The Teamwork to Make the Dream Work song from 86. But my opinion of sports rap songs is the same as my opinion of Tom Cruise;

It was really cool in 1986 but now a huge embarrassment that no one can relate to.

The Diamond club has two of the greatest things I have ever seen

And also one of the most puzzling:

If anyone has any idea why this is next to the World Series trophies please feel free to pipe up in the comment section.

There was also a bust of my hero:

Thanks to my better half for the Tickets to Gotham, and thanks to my brother, Mikey, my brother for the passes to the Diamond Club.

The best thing about Shea Stadium is the atmosphere. Not only is everyone knowledgable; everyone is passionate. One of the best baseball experiences in my life was Pedro’s 200th win. The pinacle of the game was Metallica cranking up and Wagner pitching the 9th. Shea is a fantastic place for baseball and I will be visiting again soon.

Thanks for the memories New York, the Big Apple is baseball at its finest.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I think I'm Going Crazy...

I took my temperature and pulse. I seem to be ok physically but I know something is wrong with me. I went to see an MD and the good doctor said I wasn’t suffering from dementia or schizophrenia. I tried to have myself committed but they wouldn’t hold me. I seem to be fine physically and mentally according to today modern medicine. I have no degree in psychology or medicine but I know something was wrong with me. I know I am going crazy.

How do I know, you ask?

Because up is down, left is right. Ice is hot and fire is cold.

I know this because I can't find anything wrong with Willie Randolph's managerial performance.

I actually agree with Willie Randolph’s game management.

I actually agree with Willie's use of the bullpen.

Loyal readers to this site will agree that I have gone mad.

Seriously, the suicide squeeze Willie pulled last night was a ballsy yet brilliant move. I haven’t seen that in a while but Willie took a calculated risk and it paid off. That was something a smart, tactically savvy major league manager does, not Willie Randolph- but it was Willie. I think it was a good idea to put in Julio with a big lead like that to get some confidence. As a matter of fact, I think, as a whole, Willie has handled the bullpen superbly.

The only gripe I can muster is the 3-4 order in the lineup with out Beltran. Would it kill him to try Wright in the 3 hole? Of course, that is nit-picking, mostly insignificant and at most, a minor annoyance. So the very worst I can say Willie has done wrong- he slightly annoyed me.

I can live with that.

What is frustrating is player development.

Keppinger is still in triple A.

I love Ahearn and wish him a speedy recovery.

I love Woody.

I like Kaz and wish him luck, but last night’s inside-the- parker doesn’t have me convinced he will change his old ways.

Kepp needs to get some MLB experience in case Kaz gets his usual hamstring-back-whatever injury- we are going to need him.

I like Endy Chavez as a bench guy but not as an everyday centerfielder. I know many will say I need patience, but can we not spare a cup of coffee for Milledge while on the west coast? I am not saying he needs to be an everyday outfielder, but let the kid at least see what it’s like in the bigs- just a peek. For God's sake it won't even be in New York. It is still early and there is no presure of a pennant race. Has he not earned it? I cant watch Valentin and Chavez for how ever long Cliffy and Beltran are on the MASH unit.

I apologize for my absence this week, but I have been out of town on important Lonestar Mets business with some very good people in a very good city.

Those of you that read this, and I’m talking to all four of you, I have been planning my trip to the baseball Mecca to see the Amazins. I am preparing an outsider’s look in at what it is like to watch the Mets live from their own friendly, and on Tuesday night’s occasion unfriendly, confines. I have some cool pictures, observations and points of view that native inhabitants might find interesting- and some puzzling questions some in the know may solve for me. Check back tomorrow for the Braves – Mets piece.

In the mean time, I will enjoy tonight’s game against San Diego and marvel at this Willie Randolph Renaissance, wonder about the meaning of life or the sound of one hand clapping, or tree’s falling in a vacant forest.

Anything but try to figure out the reasoning for the first.

Or maybe I should get a second opinion.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


It is time to send Julio to Hell, or Norfolk, or the unemployment office. Unconditional release sounds about right. I know the organization wants to maintain Kris Benson was traded for a reason not named Anna, but can we pretend the trade was for Maine? I guess we were out of the game when Julio came in but can we make at least an effort? The guy doesn’t belong on a MLB roster, much less a contender. He does have a live arm but wouldn’t the team be better served having Heath Bell or Royce Ring with the club to pitch non-essential innings?

Random thought: If the guy from Husltle and Flow were to state, "John Maine is my main man I met in Maine." would he then say, "John Maine is my Maine Maine I met in Maine?"

Oliver has been surprisingly effective so far in not getting completely decimated. I experienced Oliver in his three stints as a Ranger first hand and witnessed his painful outings. He may be a positive addition to this year’s team, but I’m watching him. The .180 era may seem nice but I have seen all too well the Homeruns this guy can give up. Be ready for more Oliver educed homers in the future as I project this to me the first of many.

I know we can’t win all 162 and we have to lose sometime. I hope today’s game was just a natural event in the season and not a sign of Trachsel and the pen’s future performances. Win tomorrow and I will stop worrying until I find another thing to worry about.

Funny, that I am depressed about ending a 7 game win streak. Expectations are high and nothing short of the division seems acceptable this year. Lets start another 7 game streak Sunday.

This will be my last post for a few days as I am traveling to the Big Apple to see our beloved ballclub. For those of you who don’t know:

Delta and the union provided no details in disclosing the agreement yesterday. The union's top council still must decide whether to send it to Delta's 5,930 pilots for a vote, the Air Line Pilots Association said. The contract is subject to bankruptcy court approval.
The accord kept a strike from disrupting travel next week after the Easter holiday.
The agreement will allow Mets fans from Texas will be able to fly to LaGuardia for their first game in 21 years.

Thanks to Greg for the report

Trivia question: Who was the last National League Pitcher to win 30 or more games in a season?

Answer in comments and the winner receives a 52-inch Plasma TV- or a congratulations from Lonestar Met.

The first test of the season is Monday for the Amazins and Lonestar Met will be there to give you a first hand account of every run, hit, error, and illogical blunder by Randolph. I am bittersweet about Chipper not playing; I know what he is capable of in Shea but also have some choice pleasantries to hurl at the metro-sexual third baseman. I am sure 34% of my readers agree.

So, good readers, I am taking a much deserved leave of absence from my everyday comings and goings in Texas to explore Gotham City.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm Not Sure How To Feel...

I am not sure how to feel.


Who could ask for anything more, right? Something feels wrong as I can’t even criticize Willie Randolph. I know as Mets fans we feel it’s our duty to criticize our manager’s breakfast selection:

Cheerios over Fruit Loops? Come on, Willie. You always go with Fruit Loops over Cheerios, unless there’s fruit. Geez, this guy doesn’t even belong at the breakfast table.

Great effort today. Pedro has made me ready to stop worrying about the toe. A three hit gem with a great bases loaded no out jam. David Wright is still great .444; a double and triple. Reyes looks to be becoming the premier leadoff man in the league we always knew he could be; hitting .333 and Beltran seems to have found his form.

So what’s my problem? When are things going to go wrong?

I’m sorry but the team looks solid thus far and Omar’s plan seems to be coming together. The Zambrano start may be ugly, but with Bannister showing promise it couldn’t be too bad.

I should just shut up and enjoy the great start, right?

I am a Mets fan; I can’t.
When will the good go bad?
This can’t last, I know it.

Almost as much as I knew Greg Jefferies was a cant miss hall of famer. As much as I knew that Generation K would be the next Seaver, Koosman and Ryan. I knew Bret Saberhagen would get us back to the playoffs. Kevin McReynolds would be better than Straw, who we didn’t need anyway. The Dodgers will never beat us in the playoffs. How good could Cone really be? I mean he sure as hell won’t throw a perfect game.

I know this team will tank eventually. They are not as good as they look.

It is in my blood. I am a Mets fan. Discounting the 99 and 00 years where we were always an outside shot anyway, the last 17 years have brought nothing but mistrust, disillusionment and disappointment. How can I not be skeptical?

With that disclaimer stated, things at least feel different then before, we may be the team to beat. I guess we will know if this thing is for real April 17th.

I’m not sure why but the feeling of impending doom seems to be at our doorstep.

I hope I am wrong as usual.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Off Days Suck

It’s an off day for out boys in Queens as we travel to D.C. to take on the newly hated Nats. I don’t know how my fellow fans feel but I love a heated beanball series. Maybe it’s a distraction but man is it fun to watch.

By this time next week I will (unless the Delta pilot strike thwarts my efforts) make my triumphant return to Shea Stadium. I know some have portrayed her to a baseball sewer but I am excited to return to the home of our beloved Mets.

Look for me on TV. I am taller but I should be easy to spot as I will be the guy in the Mets Hat

By the way if you get a second check out a cool new site at Brooklyn Met Fan. He has some new ideas, great art and Mets pics. Take a look around. I love the Yankee Hate Corner. I wish I would have thought of it first. Great stuff.

That’s all for today, look forward to see the events of tomorrow’s battle.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

First Place, Baby!

Wow, fantastic. I had to listen on the radio today, but an exciting game none the less. I am stoked about the '06 season. I know I should slow down on the enthusiasm as my good friend Greg pointed out over at Faith and Fear. I know its only the Fish and Nats.

You never knocked me down, Ray.

The only unpleasantness so far was the blow save/ Julio implosion. That guy does seem like the second coming for Armando Benitez. Well, at least he is not a closer and we will need a guy for mop up time. Other than that we haven’t been really beaten by teams we should have beat.

I know every great analysis of David Wright has already been written but he is so clutch. If he is not a starting All-Star this season the Major League Baseball fans should be ashamed of themselves. I just found David Wright's Blog. Have a look and see what you think.

Beltran came up with another hit today. I hate to give credit when credit is not due but I am confident that he will deliver what he was signed to do a year ago. Cut him some slack and let him find his form, Mets fans. Beltran’s a gamer.

You have got to love how Tommy G has taken on the role of Ace thus far. I am reassured by Pedro’s first outing and maybe the toe is fine. In the mean time Glavine seems to be handling the role of big game pitcher. I may be old school but I love a pitchers duel.

Ahearn showed some adeptness with the wood today going 2-3 on the day and both potentially big hits. Why are we carrying Valentin? Seems bench players should be able to bunt a runner over. At any rate, I think Ahearn will be a contributor to this year's team.

The bullpen seems to be in better condition than I originally assessed. Sanchez appears to be shaping up into a solid set-up man. Wagner seemed solid if we are to believe his “I always start the season slow” disclaimer. I think he will be his old 98 mph self by May.

I don’t know about the scouting report on Delgado. Before the season I read everywhere that Delgado’s first base defensive capabilities rival Mike Piazza’s. Los will be just fine.

On a personal note, I am supposed to be at Shea for the series with the braves next week. I hear Delta may have a pilot strike the day of my flight. Great. If any pilot union officials read my site, delay the strike until I get back. I have great seats. If I am in attendance, I will witness, in my opinion, the real test of the 06 Mets.

Check the poll to you right, Chipper is man most hated by Lonestar Met Readers. The most intelligent readers in baseball.

I know we, as Mets fans expect the worst and hope for the best. Will all apologies to Faith and Fear and throwing historical history to the wind. Lonestar Met will bask in the glory of first place.

At least for this Sunday afternoon anyway.

Lets Go Mets

Friday, April 07, 2006

'Tran and Julio down in the Dugout

I would like to take back the negative things I have printed here regarding Julio Franco. Thank God for Julio Franco. I was wrong; worth the 2 mil.

That said- Is Beltran out of his ever lovin mind?

When they give you the curtain call, you take the effin' curtain call.

Does this guy want to be booed? Come on, man. I feel uncomfortable when this guy comes to the plate. I am not going to go off on a tangent either way on the "boo not to boo" issue. I want to like the guy. When the fans turn, it gets really ugly. Ask Alomar, Bonilla, Cedeno... I wonder if I could go from A to Z?

He'd rather sulk than accept curtain call at shea? Geez, is Rey Ordonez his PR guy? Maybe he should pretend to not speak English. Maybe piss off Pearlman.

You're on the Big Stage Carlos- We want to like you.

I hate to see this turn ugly. Thank God for Franco. (did i already say that?)

Does Carlos want to be regarded as this guy?

The young fella on the left is your favorite Mets writer and the man on the right is the Mighty Kong.

Otherwise entertaining game and congrats Tran. The first one’s easy. We expect 30 more - you're not in Houston anymore. Make us proud.

(sorry to dwell on that but I really want to see him become a Star in Gotham)

By the way, could Shea have any worse music during the game? Yuck! Please throw away the best of 90's fad music along with the stupid batting helmets.

You gotta love the way David Wright handled the retaliation knockdowns, just get on. The guy should have an outstanding season. He just keeps getting better with every game.

Lo Duca doesnt seem to be handling the 2 hole very well. I love the guy's attitude but maybe Xman could handle the role better for now. More analysis on that to come.

Anyway, Pedro looked well enough to give us a season. I'm not sure the beanball war was smart but at least we got out with the W.

Now, if Pedro only had an entrance song...

Hey win our series and we'll go to the playoffs.

Bring on the fish.

Sorry for the short post but more to come soon.

(There will be a story regarding the Mighty Kong in the near future.)

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Fire one up and you toss one down
Everybody knows you been downtown
Been downtown late last night
Busted your head in a barroom fight
Fightin’ with your brother fightin’ with your wife
Seems you been fightin’ every day of your life
Can’t stand still, still can’t run
You put it all together but it came undone
Robert Earl Keen

Honestly I don’t know what to say. It went so good until it went so bad.

But it’s only 2 of 162. Bannister looked great for his first outing. Ahearn looks pretty solid with the leather; the bat should come around. The trade for Nady doesn't seem so bad any more does it? Blown saves happen to the best of them, even Wagner. Long way to go till it’s all over.

Anyone else glad it was Lo Duca at the plate with the game on the line? If it was Beltran it could have gotten really ugly.

I’m not going to get bogged down or judge the season on one game. I will say Jorge Julio’s first outing in the blue and orange didn’t instill much confidence. Anybody can have a bad outing but the scouting reports started creeping into the back of my mind.

Flat slider, straight fastball, emotional head case on the mound.

Just hope it's an anomaly. Other wise he can get in the boat and go fishing with Fredo Corleone and Braden Looper in Mets fans eyes.

Damn you, Anna Benson.

I can't even blame this on Willie to comfort myself.

But Pedro is up tomorrow and that should be a telling tale of the next 160. Win every series and we should wind up in the playoffs.

Let go Mets

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jive Talkin

I am proud to say that I used a vacation day to watch opening day at the big Shea. Not much firepower for what everyone expected. It’s only one game but Delgado and Beltran 0-fer? Not the way to start the season off with a bang.

I figure everybody and their dog will be reviewing the game so I will bring to you, fair reader, some random thoughts:

How the Hell did Lo Duca’s glove come off on that stolen base?

Looks like Soriano didn’t have much trouble at Shea.

Ahearn seems undisciplined at the plate but solid at second.

Is Tommy G going to be our big hit guy this season?

Put the load on Wright’s back- he can handle it.

Who else is tired of Clemens and his big bag? Sign or retire- get on with it man.

Who else feels better with Wagner on the mound in the 9th? Not like Pittsburg last year. ( I would post a link but honestly- it’s still to painful)

And finally, I had to watch the game with no sound as Bobby V’s put the sound on the Rangers broadcast. Although I had no call of the action, during the play from Floyd to Reyes to Lo Duca, did any one else think:

"Now their gonna wave Rice in, Mookies got a chance to get him, to Carter, he is…out at the plate." - Vin Scully

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Quick note

I know I said I would not post again until opening day, but I just got back from the Ballpark in Arlington (or what ever it's called now) for the Marlins @ Rangers pre-season game. I got to speak to Mike Jacobs.

I wished him good luck and asked, "You're gonna make us pay this year aren't you?"
He just grinned and gave a nod.

Kind of cool- thought you would want to know.

More on Monday.

Last Post Before the Season Starts

We will be underway Monday against WASH. I chose to use a vacation day to watch the game from the sports bar. I think Opening Day should be a national holiday. The only people allowed to work should be Bartenders, waitresses, and baseball essential personnel.

I heard a Doug Stanhope routine about the Yankees. Stanhope said that unless you are betting on the game you should be ashamed to root for the Yankees. If you have that much lack of character that you cant take a risk, you might as well go to a casino, stand behind the dealer and yell: “Yeah @$$hole, how’d you like how the dealer busted you on that hand, jerk off?”

Funny stuff yet equally hateful towards the evil empire

Anna and Kris Benson divorced?
Wow they seem like such normal people. Not much to say there except why couldn’t this happen 5 months ago. It’s hard to say what would have happened because my opinion of Kris has changed so much since then but it should have made Benson easier to trade and get someone decent for him. To be honest I never liked Anna and quite frankly- she’s not that hot.
Looking at the matter in a non-Mets related way, I think that this will be the best thing that ever happened to Kris and the end of Anna’s “career.” Without her nonsense Kris may turn into the pitcher everyone thought he was going to be. For Anna she will be always be the third rate celebrity, annoying personality, whore we all knew she would be. With out the "Baseball's hottest wife" tag she won't be much of a story anymore.

Lastly, I got my 86 anniversary DVD set I’ve been waiting for and it is fantastic. From what I can tell this was filmed sometime ago as I’ve seen some of the interviews on other baseball highlight films. However, the interviews with Keith, Knight, and Dykstra were pretty enlightening regarding the mindset of the players. Mookie and Carter essentially repeated earlier interviews. The “home movie” style footage from the clubhouse provides the experience that simulates what it was like to win a series. there is a series highlight portion with a narrarator and music that will bring a tear to any real Mets fans eye. For those of us that have it burned into our memories the game footage has no real surprises. It is fun to watch game footage in its entirety. No score or count at the corner of the screen. No morons with cell phones waving to the camera. One of the best surprises was footage of Piazza asking Mookie if he would have beat Buckner to the bag. Neither one seemed to know the camera was on them so the exchange is genuine and unrehearsed.

Great DVD set and hightime something that highlights the Mets success and gritty determination rather than the “curse of the Red Sox” explanation. The curse thing is tired and worn out anyway. A great testament to the Powerhouse 1986 world champion Mets.
I am glad the organization is finally ready to embrace the 86 team and honor what was.

I just hope 20 years later we can do it again. Here we go - LETS GO METS!

Little roller up along first, behind the bag, it gets through buckner, here comes Knight and the Mets win it!- Vin Scully October 25, 1986

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