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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Be Bold, Be Bland

As I and others have speculated, Aaron Hielman has been moved back to the pen. He was quoted as saying:

Said Heilman: "I don't think there's anything more really I can do to plead my case. I would certainly be disappointed. I feel like I've done everything I can do."
Heilman pledged not to be disruptive if he pitches in relief. "I feel more comfortable when I'm in a routine and I have a schedule," Heilman said. "Is it to say that I'm not going to be a reliever at some point in my career? No. But I'd like to give starting a wholehearted try before I'm in the bullpen. I went to the bullpen last year not because I pitched badly. It was because they needed me there. Was I happy about it? No. Am I going to go down there and do my job? Yeah. It doesn't behoove anybody to go down there and pitch poorly."

Anyone else find this a bit disconcerting? That’s not the quote I want to hear out of Heilman. Don’t misunderstand me; I know the man is disappointed after putting on a great performance this spring. But, this whole "I want to be a starter" routine to the media has always sat funny with me. I originally thought this was cooked up by his agent. Aparently not.

Readers of this blog know that I am no fan of Willie Randolph but should that where Heilman should address his thoughts. Adam Rubin, Marty Noble and Bob Klapisch don’t make the decisions on the Mets. Some say they do but ultimately the 3 last names that call the shots are Randolph, Minaya, and Wilpon. Aaron your welcome to call me and complain but it won’t change a thing and you won’t find a sympathetic ear.

Again don’t understand me; Heilman has done an excellent job and probably deserves a shot but if he is sulking around the clubhouse it could cause feelings of content around the team. I mean we traded Benson to get rid of such dangers. We need Hielman in the pen. He should recognize his absence in tight situations when the change is most effective is key to a successful season. Would you rather be a reliever in New York or a starter in Kansas City. I just hope I'm knitpicking and that he feels bad today and better tomorrow.

According to my friend at Mets Planet Royce Ring has been sent to AAA. It’s still a cool name to say.

Trachsel is boring, maybe he wouldn’t mind changing his name to Royce Ring.

Then there is this from Sports blog from John Rocker:

You’re old teammate Tom Glavine is a Met. Doesn’t that make you root for them on the days he pitches?
That’s a reason I wouldn’t want to play for the Mets. Tom’s a jackass. You can quote me on that.
What’s that all about?
With the Braves, Tom always had a chip on his shoulder. He acted like he was better than everyone else. He wasn’t passionate about anything — just a very vanilla personality.

I’m not shocked at what Rocker said. Nothing that guy says could surprise me. But why he is still being interviewed is a mystery to me. The guy hasn’t been relevant since 2000. I heard he was on some reality show which also comes as no surprise. This guy is the Tonya Harding of Baseball. Maybe celebrity boxing is next.

I was asked recently who I disliked on the team and for the first time in a long while I couldn’t think of anyone on this roster I don’t care for. No Williams, no Offerman, no Cairo or Stanton. Thank you Omar If anyone does have a current Met please post a comment just to satisfy my curiosity. I would like to exclude Randolph as I think that by being Mets fans that goes without saying.

Opening Day is less than a week away.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Omar, You Magnificent Bastard- I Read Your Book

Well the news today eased my worries over The 2006 Mets.

I dont have the time to post links today. Look them up yourself. Its the usual New York Papers.

If most reports are accurate the rotation will be:
Heilman may have made a successful starter but it really isn’t whats best for the team. If Glavine hangs em up after this season maybe Aaron can try again. Hielman will most likey be dealt in trade for someone, Zito maybe, at the deadline unless the starters stay healthy. If Zito can be acquired for a draft pick in late November I can wait if it means hanging on to Hielman. The one draw back I see here is Heath Bell will most likely be demoted. I like Bell and would like to see him have a fair shot. I hope Royce Ring makes it out of camp with the team.

I have been waiting to see the guy in the pen for a few years now. Plus Royce Ring is fun to say. Try it.

Ahearn looks to be the starting second baseman. Good for Ahearn, but I really would have like to see Jeff Keppinger get a fair shake at second.

Sorry Jeff, we don’t mind signing a 47 year old to a two year deal, but we wont take a shot at a young guy in a position we were weak at to begin with because, well that would just make too much sense and Willie ball by definition doesn’t make sense. Now shave those sideburns.

Pedro reportedly looked good during a 35 pitch appearance allowing no runs, allowing one hit, striking out two and walking one. The appearance makes me think that Pedro will be Pedro and find a way to get it done. If a health Pedro is ready on Saturday April 8th (Gary Carter’s Birthday) the Mets will find themselves in good position to dethrone the hated Braves.

Dave in Michigan has an amusing analogy regarding varmints and the Braves. Very funny.

Also this is a good site that is getting started and honestly needs the hits- Tell your friends.

Oh, and Joe is back. Joe doesn’t really care about baseball but since no body cares about Joe I guess that’s fair. Go read his site. If you have a warped sense of humor like mine it will make you laugh out loud. I don’t know Joe since there is no way to contact him. Joe if you stop by buddy, shoot me an email.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quick Hits

In an obvious and quite frankly pathetic move to curry favor with Lonestar Met, USA Today Sports Weakly has placed David Wright on the cover and placed a Pedro tease in the margin. Seems they fear the power of this blog. Well to little to late USA today, the vast readership of Lonestar Met is not fooled at your transparent move to break our boycott.

In a related story it seems Randolph too has heeded the advise of yours truly by uncharitaristicly contemplating his Lineup.

Listen to me Willie and we will clinch the east in August.

Looking at the injury report it almost seems easier to name who isn’t hurt, sick or hobbled.
Pedro- toe
Delgado- elbow
Wagner- Finger
Lo Duca – Hand
Padilla – reconstructive surgery
Matsui (like it matters) Knee
Beltran – Flu
One hell of a MASH unit. Just hope we get over them now rather than September.

Shari has a review of The Last Nine Innings over at The Number 7 Train.

Lonestar Met is planning to review this book if they can manage to get it to me. I’m not sure who to blame here because nothing ever gets shipped to me on time. I think the Mail man is out to get me.

I actually got to 4,000 hits.

Sorry for the short post but that’s all for now. Check back later.

Stadium Talk

****************ADDED NOTE**************
I'm not sure what the new stadium is going to be called. According to the Readership here at Lonestar Met, 38% of the readers think the Mets new stadium should be called "Derek Jeter Sucks Stadium." I can't say I Disagree with that sentiment but the second most popular "Gil Hodges Stadium" came in with 17% and (I assume) that would placate the Dodger fans while not angering me by naming it after someone who never worked or played for the Mets.


Before you start composing your hate Email let me issue a Disclaimer:

I am well aware that the Mets wear Giant orange and Dodger blue for the respective teams.

I am well aware that the Dodgers and Giants once played in New York

I have been to Shea stadium, I am from New Jersey

I have read all the books and I know how the team was formed.
Its Ridiculous, kay? Stop saying that I don't know Mets History Don’t email with those topics. This is not aimed at people of any certain age.

End of disclaimer

There is alot of talk around about the new staduim and I just wanted to weigh in one more time.

Why? I don't know I like hate email I guess

Wait dont hit the compose button yet!


I am not saying, nor have I ever said, nor will I ever say that the Mets shouldn't build a new stadium. Not against a new park. I also never said now or previously a replica should be built of Shea Stadium.

I'll wait while you read that again......

Moving on.

From the Daily News:
According to a plan submitted to the Empire State Development Corp., the exterior will be reddish-brown brick and limestone, with concrete arches and exposed steel included to resemble bridges. The stadium would open to provide a view of the northern end of Willets Point.
A restaurant in left field, enclosed with glass, will be available for season-ticket holders, while a second restaurant will be located in the upper level behind home plate. Plans also call for the three-deck stadium to include suites behind home plate, below the main concourse.
Among the other features touted by the Mets:

Wider seats angled toward the infield, and more leg room.

A main concourse that encircles the stadium.

A rotunda at the entrance reminiscent of Ebbets Field, the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

All sounds great. except one thing.

A rotunda at the entrance reminiscent of Ebbets Field, the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

I am a young piss head and have posted my objections regarding an "Ode to the Dodgers" I have received hate email from your old farts griping that I should respect NY baseball.

We already pay tribute to the Dodgers and Giants. Wearing orange and Blue is tribute enough.

There is great history at Shea and I can’t figure out why you old fogies are not proud of it. I too saw my first game at Shea and think it a tragedy if we have nothing to remind us of it.

Yay new park.

Just thought an oversized apple might be nice. Maybe something to do with oh I don't know... the team that plays 81 games a season there. Maybe something to do with 86 and 69.

I hate the Dodgers.

There I said it.

Hate 'em good. Hate 'em Long. Hate 'em Hard.

Any of you senile old bastards remember 1988? Still hurts a little dosen't it?

Anybody else take a while to not hate Bulldog in 1999? Let go of the Brooklyn Dodgers- they live in LA now; they left, they are not coming back and they don't love you anymore.

and do you know what else?

We play them 7 times this season.

Should we lose all 7 games to acknowledge history?

Maybe the Dodgers will build a ballpark to remind us of Shea.

I look forward to reading your emails.

By the way, I am in Gotham for the Braves in April. See ya there!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Pal Al

I wasn’t going to write anything about the retirement of Leiter’s retirement. I usually have a rule not to “Eulogize” anyone until they have been gone for a year. My collegues have been pretty hard on Al. Both Greg and Metstradamus have are great reads as always. Metstradamus never disappoints in his rants.

“Mets network. If I want to be lied to, I'll subpoena Rafael Palmeiro.”

Great line. I wish I would have thought of that first.

Back to my pal Al. Yeah Al’s act got a little old at the end. Yeah Al seemed to have a role as Player/GM. Yeah Al finished as a Yankee. And yeah, he may have lobbied to keep Delgado out of New York last year. As Greg put it:

“…we liked Al, really liked Al even if we (or least I) never quite loved him”

But what about October of 1999 when all pitched a gem to send us on to Arizona? Not that he was Seaver or Kooseman. I think a lot of us are a little annoyed by Al’s antics toward the end but he is one of the great Met pitchers of the late 90’s.

Lonestar Met would like to say. “So long Al and thanks for the memories”

Moving on, I was horrified to read this.

Great Wagner is broken too? The Noble does include:
Wagner said that he had never experienced the problem, but he did have similar symptoms with the Phillies in 2004, when he missed relatively little time.
"I'm sure if this were the regular season, they could create some kind of concoction to let me throw."
Not catastrophic but the one guy without a question mark in the pen with problems in his throwing appendage is never comforting.

Cerrone has all kinds of rumors floating around about trading for Soriano. I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb to say that this would be horrendous. I’ve never been a Soriano fan but neither Nady, Diaz or Heilman do not match value for a deranged second baseman with inflated numbers and a hole in his glove.

I did have an idea for a trade that may be fair and not enrage Mets fans.

Offer Matsui for Soriano even up.

We should get to screw someone via trade every once in a while.

Besides, I'm sure Kaz will try leftfield...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Threadbare Life Advise and Public Grandstanding

I would not have found this article if Jason over at Faith and Fear did not mention it. It appeared in the Kansas City Star entitled Royals fan, hope is a good thing. The article is in response to a young Royals fan that wrote in detailing his love of his team and the mockery he endures from peers who choose to root for the Yankees, Red Sox, and Etc. Joe Posnanski writes a lovely piece in respect to youth and the wonders of being a young fan:

Yes, it is hard being a Royals fan in these troubled times. But, take comfort in this: You are doing the right thing. Yes, as you say, some of your Kansas City friends take the easy route and choose the Yankees or Red Sox or Cardinals as their favorite teams. My dear friend, you will run into these kinds of people all your life. They will cut you off on highways. They will go through the 12-items-and-under supermarket lane with enough food to feed the Three Tenors. They will push their airline seats all the way back into your pelvis on overseas flights.
You are different. You write, “I will love the Royals, no matter what.” You are worth so much more than the kid who ran out to pick up a Chicago White Sox hat last year.

And in conclusion:

When you get older you might lose some of your hope. It happens. There is something about the years that is hard to explain to a 10-year-old. You start complaining that the owner doesn’t spend enough money and the general manager is dumb and the star player doesn’t care. You might even grow so discouraged that you stop caring at all.
I wish this for you: That you will never lose your hope. You’re right. Angel Berroa might win the Gold Glove this year. Runelvys Hernandez might win 20 games. Emil Brown could hit 30 home runs. The Royals are going to win the American League Central this year. Hold on to that. We have no shortage of cynical fans in this world. And if you don’t know what the word “cynical” means, I would ask you not to look it up. You don’t need to know yet.

While I usually distain the open letter form of communication as it is usually a vehicle for threadbare life advice and public grandstanding, I take a deviation from my policy as Joe McCheese’s story did not delve into the potential extent of cynical the young fan should brace for. If I may, I would like to expand on Jason's thought's regarding a common bond with this young royal fan. Jason is a better writer that I am and does not right an open letter. I do. Jason goes back to the late 70's. I won't go back quite as far...

Oh, and to rip off Jason a little more, I will add a disclaimer:
I too admire the young fan and agree with the assessment and advice offered.
End of disclaimer
But, I have some more bittersweet news for the youngster:

Son, let me tell you something. Someday your Royals will put together a season for the ages. Your beloved Royals will be a force to be reckoned with in the AL. They will achieve a postseason birth and possibly a World Title. It’s then that you will truly know the meaning of the word “cynical.” You won’t notice at first as you will be engulfed in a euphoria we all dream of in March but rarely see in September. You will be wrapped in the game and the pennant race.
But you will slowly start to notice them. You will see another baseball enthusiast dressed in your team’s garb. He will look familiar but you won’t be able to put your finger on where you know him from. You will examine him closer:

He will be wearing a Royals hat.

It will be much cleaner than yours. The bill will be flat.

It will look brand new.

It will appear that way because it IS brand new.

It will hit you that you indeed know that man. He will be the same Yankee/Cardinal/Red Sox fan that chided you years past. You will think, “Is this a joke, did he lose a bet?” When you demand an explanation he will say, “I’ve always been a Royals, fan. I’ve liked them since they had George Brett.” You will have this experience dozens, neigh hundreds, neigh thousands of times and you realize the parasites that occupy Yankee/Cardinal/Red Sox hats have contaminated your beloved team. They will all be Royal fans. They will sit in the seats you usually sit in. You will sit in a third deck/ obstructed view/ outfield seat and remember what Bill Veeck said:

“I have discovered in 20 years of moving around a ballpark, that the knowledge of the game is usually in inverse proportion to the price of the seats.”

You will have to tolerate this charade and it will be bearable as your Royals are on their way to being World Champs. It will be an exciting series, maybe seven games.

Then things start to go into a decline. Your team will mismanage its talent. For instance, your Series MVP will go to another team the next year. It will be revealed that your staff ace has a substance abuse problem. They will make another run at a Title and fall short. The management will release your favorite catcher and the team will make a puzzling trade that will send your favorite outfielder and a reliable reliever for a second basemen who will be assigned to the outfield. Your team will slowly dive in to mediocrity and plummet to rock bottom. The team will expand its payroll to stop the bleeding. They will bring in quick fix free agents in an ineffective attempt to halt the decline.
It won’t help.
It will probably hurt.
You will feel cold, frustrated, and very, very alone.

Coincidently you will be alone.

What about all those “new fans” you’ve met and grudgingly accepted as brethren?

They’ve moved on to another team once maybe twice by now.

How do I know this?

It happened to me, son I was there! I got scars, kid.

What solace can you take that will ease you through that awful transition? The cycle will start all over and the same events (or some similar, say your GM fires one of the best managers of all time after he turned the team into a contender) will occur afain.

The names will all be different and the details will change with the result the same.

Next time around all you can say to the johnny-come-lately bandwagon hoppers on the way up is:

“Some of us never left.”

How’s that for a definition of the word “cynical?”

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I Was Robbed!

Well the Times, Daily News and the New York Post have all taken a cue from me and started wrote Bannister stories. At least give me credit guys. None source the secret audio.

I wonder why?

Any way The Daily News did quote Willie as saying:

“Bannister still needs to make this club, so I'm not going to get ahead of myself with all that," Willie Randolph said. "I have liked what I've seen from (Bannister) all spring. If he continues to pitch well, obviously he has a chance."

Just wondering, Willie, is it a real chance or a Jeff Keppinger chance? I can't wait to buy my Keppinger Texas Ranger jersey.

I still maintain that the best move for this club would be Heilman to the Pen and let Bannister take the 5th starter spot. I said it yesterday(of course no one read it except of course the Daily, News, Times, and Post.)

Just goes to show you fair reader, don't pay for the paper when Lonestar Met reports it first-for free!

Do your own work guys!

Sorry for the short post- more to come later.

Bullpen Woes

First Im not the first person to ever write this but Gooden Arrested…again and I probably wont be the last either so Lonestar Met would like to issue the following advise to Dwight “Doc” Gooden:


Doc you will be surprised how much less time you spend in jail when you obey it. Sorry, just though you would figure it out by now.

Now that it is clear that Juan Padilla will be out with Tommy John Surgery, the Mets bullpen situation looks even shakier than it did last week. Jorge Julio’s absence from Met camp will prevent Professor Rick from tinkering with his mechanics. I doubt he will return to 2002 form: 1.99 ERA. The Duaner’s ERA to Righties doesn’t help the Mets problems. I’m not sure what the Mets will do.

We here at Lonestar Met have bugged Willie’s office to see if we could find out what the Mets were planning to do about the Bullpen. The following was transcribed from recording equipment placed in the Mets clubhouse. Willie Randolph, Omar Minaya, and Rick Peterson are in the room:

Omar: “If only there was a pitcher on staff that could get lefties out.” Picks up the roster, “Hmmm…how about Heath Bell?”

Willie: “To young, and I don’t like his face. Now keep it down I’m trying to color”

Prof Rick: “No Bell won’t work. .312 AVG vs. left-handed hitters”

Omar: “Well Maybe Bradford …”

Rick: “Nope . 410 against lefties”

Willie: “.410? Who signed that guy?”

Omar: “Don’t you have some coloring to do?” Looking back to Rick, “How bout’ Schmoll?”

Willie: “Ha Ha, Schmoll’s a funny name”

Rick: ignoring Willie, “He’s .303 against lefties”

Omar “Is there anybody on this staff that has success against Lefties”

Rick: looking through his data offers, “Wagner 128 left .173 right split”

Willie: “Yeah, my gut tells me anytime we need a stop I can use Wagner in middle relief… my gut also tells me the green crayons taste good”

Omar: “Rick, what did I tell you about giving him ideas like that? It’s not funny.”

Rick: “Sorry, Omar... Wait, Here’s something, ERA .208 Righty .236 Lefty? Not Gibson-like but not bad.”

Omar: “I’m listening”

Rick: “Says here his Name is Aaron Michael Heilman…says he wants to be a starter.”

Willie: “Hey look guys, I found a microphone under the couch”

Omar: “What the Hell”

~Static~ click

Seriously I have been giving this a lot of thought and I think the best move right now is to move Heilman to the bullpen and give Bannister a shot at the 5 slot. We only have a small shot of Bannister in spring:
2005 AAA: 8 starts 4-1 45.1 IP 48 Ks
spring so far: 9 IP, three hits, 0.00 ERA, and six strike outs.
At the risk of putting pressure on him early in his career, I think the Mets will be taking a calculated risk. I don't think a look see early in the season would do much harm after 3 years in college and 3 in the minors. It beats finding out during the stretch. More importantly the Mets can have a reliable guy out there with the ability to pitch to lefties in Heilman. I have heard rumors and speculation that there are some in the Mets organization that are behind this movement. A lot of opinion I have heard is that someone will come out of the mix to get the job, a la Roberto Hernandez. My advise to those who hail from that school of thought:

Expect the unexpected, but don’t depend on it”

Bannister did not return to the minors on cut down day providing those fires added fuel. If any readers think this is a bad idea please feel free to comment.

The outfield battle seems to be intensifying while the second base battle defies Logic.

Sorry we didn't tell you, Kepp. We have an age thing here.

Here are links to the stories if you want to read them but trust me, it just makes you mad. Keppinger .316 spring average; Matsui .143, 3 errors.

Yeah Willie, you really keep an open mind.

You know what? Read it. Read it and get mad and then think about the angry emails you sent me accusing me of unfairly slamming Willie.

At least the battle for right is getting interesting. I honestly don’t have a favorite and I like them both. I think that a platoon situation will ultimately prevail here with Nady facing the Lefties. At least until Milledge gets to Queens and one becomes trade bait. I am glad Omar stood pat keeping the budding star a Met.

I’d also like to announce that I will be co-authoring a Texas Rangers blog with my longtime friend Tom in Ohio. Please stop by and look around time to time.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Tom Glavine’s Metamorphosis

For 3 years I hated Tom Glavine.

I remember when Tom came, I watched him pitch and all I saw was a Brave in a Mets uniform. “Imposter”, I thought, “Go back to Atlanta where you belong.” I felt no sympathy upon hearing the reports that his family was not treated well at Shea. I remember the first outing against his former team when tom got shelled. “Figures,” I thought, “we have to put up with this guy and he can’t beat the Braves.” As the years moved on I was a Glavine hater. I saw him as a Brave cast off and a salary albatross around the club’s neck. Even Last year despite his great performances in the second half Tom was still a Brave in my mind, trying to collect a paycheck and pad his stats for the Hall; just playing out this remaining contract until he could run home to Atlanta. I think in the back of my subconscious mind I may have been hoping he didn’t pitch his inning minimum for his option.

It’s not like I didn’t like the guy as a person. It was just that he had such a friendly standing and great respect for a team that has been tormenting the boys in queens for over a decade. My stance was, “I hate the Braves, I hate every Ex-Brave, I hate every Brave fan, and I hate you Tom Glavine.”

And then today I read this:

Glavine was clearly irritated by what he considered "inappropriate" storytelling by Braves general manager John Schuerholz in his new book "Built To Win."

“Glavine noted Schuerholz never speaks publicly about negotiations and said, "My situation was private and should have remained private."
“Glavine was quoted in Newsday on that Saturday as saying "What have I done?" when he awoke on Friday.”
“Glavine's face stiffened as he responded to questions concerning revelations in the book. Schuerholz wrote that between the time Glavine accepted the Mets' offer -- three years for $35 miillon -- and the time the then-free agent pitcher signed the contract, he not only expressed misgivings to Braves manager Bobby Cox, but also agreed to re-sign with the Braves.
The Braves went so far as to alert TBS about a "major announcement," the book says. It also suggests Glavine's agent, Gregg Clifton, and the players union, of which Glavine was an active and influential member, convinced the pitcher to the keep his word with the Mets.
Glavine had little quarrel with the book's account, but he said Schuerholz "always was tight-lipped about any negotiations -- except mine," noting that the Braves staged a news conference about Glavine's ultimate decision. He couldn't say what effect the revelations would have on his returning to the Braves after this season. The Mets and Clifton have had preliminary discussions.”

And This:

This winter, Glavine said he'd like to continue his pursuit of 300 wins after this season, and that his only two choices would be the Mets or Atlanta. But after Schuerholz's comments in the book, the Braves don't seem a likely destination.As for supposedly telling Cox he made a mistake, and making plans to stay with the Braves, Glavine had no interest in looking back. "I was making sure I was making the right decision," Glavine said."And standing here today, I made the right decision."
My first reaction was anger, “I hate the Braves and now they are trying to alienate our guy”

Wait? Our Guy?

That’s right; starting today Tom is our guy. Not some pitcher we hold shared custody of along with our main division rivalry. He’s finally been crapped on by the Braves like the rest of us.

Tommy’s finally a Met. That’s right Tom, let that resentment grow. Wear it on your sleeve.

Make them your sworn enemy like everybody else. It’s about time.

Congrats, Titan Tom, you’re finally a Met.

Welcome home.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

pic dump

Friday, March 10, 2006

Boycott USA Today Sports Weakly

What does NASCAR have to do with baseball and are there any NASCAR/Baseball/Football fans? I don’t doubt that there are some who have a passing interest in all 3. Maybe I’ve reached my twilight years at 28 but didn’t USA Today Sports Weekly used to be USA Today Baseball Weekly cover just baseball at one time? Sorry North Carolina but NASCAR sucks and I resent decrease baseball coverage to cover your sport. I mean shoddy baseball coverage: The same story about Kirby Puckett every one else wrote, a list of Clemens most infamous knockdowns. Some poorly written feature about how Padilla got a scholarship in 1994 Mets News: Martinez still bothered by bum big toe. Wagner withdraws, Boone retires, and the Wright contract thing. Fascinating. I want my $1.75 back. What a poor excuse for a magazine. I call all Lonestar Met readers to boycott this anal leakage.

I, like the rest of the Mets faithful became eager to go out a purchase my copy of ESPN news for the month of March.
I don't often read the publication but when I heard the news that our own David Wright was on the cover I kept stopping at the stores to see if the new issue came out. When it did I found it to have some Mariner on the cover and not Wright. (I know should have gone to the trouble of finding out his name but the overwhelming rush of apathy and resentment temporarily sapped my ability to care.) I live in Texas. Al West ties maybe?I scanned the magazine and found a one page story on Wright. That sucks.

And, yeah I ended my last paragraph with sucks. If USA Today Sports Weekly is a respected national magazine what bar should I have to clear?

There is so much Mets news this week. None of it’s interesting. Even Cerrone has slowed down to 10 posts a day. At least its Friday. I hope this isn’t a forcast of what this season will bring with injuries. What a weird spring training. Maybe it’s the season hype overshadowing spring.

I’m expecting an advance comp. copy of The Last Nine Innings by Charles Euchner from my good friends at Sourcebooks Inc. I will give it a read and let you know but it seems interesting. Last time I did a book report was over Judy Bloom. I miss college.

Boy, does this WBC have any legs or will we make it to the end of the tournament? It is about as exciting as the VH1 fashion awards, with slightly more hype. 17-0 over South Africa, wow. Real baseball powerhouse there. I can’t wait to see if the Harlem Globe trotters will beat the Generals...

Sorry this came late but since no one reads this anyway no harm no foul right?

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cuban for Comish

Well what I warned of seems to be coming to fruition. Guess what? Glavine the number one, Trachsel number two Hielman three, Zambrano four, Kaz Ishii clone five. I’ve been taking about this since I started this blog. Omar should have forced Beane to the table on a Zito deal, shoulda made a play for Weaver instead of screwing around with the Redsox and Manny and now it’s too late. Yuck! I love our GM but his eccentricity for “his guy” may become a burden. Well Hindsight is 20/20 and all that. It’s time to start looking forward.

Putting on orange and blue tinted glasses

I am not at camp so I don’t really have any insight into what’s going on there, only what I read. A-Hern sounds like he has really stepped it up not counting today. Kaz sounds like the same old Kaz. I really do feel bad for the guy. I was hoping he could turn it around and contribute this year.

Who is Henry Owens? Should I get excited or does he look good because every one is hurt or at the WBC. It looks like the tournament will not be much of an event (surprise!).

But Owens sounds like an interesting player and Bannister might be ready. We might be able to put out a decent rotation before 4/03. This makes me confident in managements change in attitude.

I really think Nady wants the job. I dont care, I like Diaz but if Nady is the guy then so be it- whoever he is he may be holding Lastings spot until late July. I couldn't put it better than Metsradamus:

"Here is what I learned so far this spring:Many Met fans have seen Lastings Milledge play at one point or another. Today was my first opportunity to see him. I saw two balls hit hard, and I saw a hustling diving catch in the ninth inning of a meaningless game.Needless to say, I was impressed.If Milledge is wearing a Red Sox uniform in April (or any other uniform other than a Mets organization uni), I'll find a way to blame Selig for that too. After all, he does have to sign off on the deal, no?"

I know most Mets fans live in the New York, New Jersey or Connecticut area and can give a rats ass about what I’m about to talk about. Ya know what really ticks me off? MLB Extra Innings. What a scam. I purchased it 2 years ago because the commercials make it sound like you get every game- my ass. I don’t know why Major League Baseball somehow benefits from preventing to sell me its product at a premium price. XM radio at least will get you the radio broadcast of all 162 and during playoff time they give you the home and away broadcast. They have a channel that discusses baseball 24/7. No offense to XM Radio, they got me through the off-season, but the NBA can guarantee me every game. The NFL can guarantee me every game. NH freakin’ L can guarantee me every game. Major League baseball can guarantee me televised games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday games- sometimes- for only 170 bucks.

I listened to an interview on XM Radio on the Opie and Anthony Show with Mark Cuban. God, I wish that man would buy a team or run the League. I know most of the country thinks he is some loudmouth billionaire referee-baiting, Supercuts-training headed lunatic, but the guy understands something that seems to elude Selig and the other owners. WHEN PEOPLE WILL PAY A PREMIUM FOR YOUR PRODUCT, YOU SELL IT TO THEM, DUMMY. I know baseball owners have not been quick to embrace the quandaries of modern marketing, but come on. Any c+ high school economics student could tell you that.

You know what the problem is? They think it is 1955. They think Baseball is the only sport that has a national following. They are wrong. No wonder baseball is losing the popularity of the great national pastime to football.

“Baseball is still America’s national pastime, but football is America’s passion.”- Howie Long.

There are less and less rabid fans out there, not counting my self and my colleagues in the right column of this page. I submit to you that baseball is a far superior sport and the reason the NFL has overtaken it is that Paul Tagliabue understands supply and demand. When there is an unlimited supply of something, (meaning unlimited people can watch any game that they want to watch) utilize that fact and sell it to everyone that wants it. You are taping it anyway.
I will say that baseball should follow Jerry Jones footsteps (I hate the Cowboys by the way so this is a compliment). Jerry has set up through Comcast the cable provider Cowboys on Demand. The Cowboys have there own premium channel that runs 24/7, 7 a week, 52 weeks a year.
So my message to MLB and the Mets in particular is that it is the year 2006. I have Money. Sell me your product. I will pay a premium. Sell me the Mets channel. I will pay whatever. I want to watch spring training games, I want to watch practice. I want a television shows that can inform and entertain me with regard to the Mets 24/7. Most importantly


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Opening Day Game Watching Party

Sorry I haven't had the chance to post recently. I did want to offer an idea to any readers/ Mets fans in the DFW area. If there is enough interest I would like to organize a game watching party for 4/03 opener. I will try No Frills Grill and Bobby V’s in Arlington. If you would like to participate please email me at Danjziegler@yahoo.com so I can get a head count and see if they will offer any specials. Thanks and I will try to post later today.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Picture dump

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